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Online Earning


Microworkers is an innovative, International online platform that connects employers and workers. Joining and working on Microworkers is free and anyone from any country can join and become a member.

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Inbox Dollars

At inbox dollars you can work by taking surveys, shopping online and playing games. Sign up and start earning cash for your daily online activities.

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Neobux allows you to earn money just by viewing ads for a few second. Ads are being updated on a daily basis and you have a good earning potential. Initially the pay per ad is less but viewing all ads daily automatically upgrades your account and you earn more per ad.

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View Best Ads

This site also allows you to earn by viewing paid ads. You can filter these ads as per your profile i.e. age, gender, nationality, interests etc.

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At amulyam you earn free recharge by playing games, quiz and poll. You also get free shopping coupons. Register and get your recharge.

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Micro Jobs


Microworkers is one of the best website. The tasks are very simple and anyone with a little knowledge can do it.These tasks include : follow someone on twitter, create a gmail account, signup on some website, text captcha test etc.
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Short Task

Short task is one of the good crowd sourcing site to make money and here you are known as SOLVER. You will find 4 broad categories in short task :-
  1. Research :- Tasks like finding a competitor site, research website related to some topics etc.
  2. Data Entry :- Entering some info or extract text from images etc.
  3. Writing :- Writing a review, comment or short article etc.
  4. Design :- Logo design, banner design etc.
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Click worker

This is also a good company and here you are known as CLICKWORKER. After joining the website, you are required to pass assessments for most of the job types. There are 2 kinds of assessments :-
  1. basic assessment to evaluate skills like spelling, grammer
  2. project assessment teaches you specific requirements that are required when working
Till date there are more than 200000 clickworkers and they always have large no. of microjobs with them.

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Rapid Workers

Like microworkers most of the tasks on the site are marketing related which helps to grow the sites of employer. Minimum payout is $4 and you can get paid immediately by Paypal once you reach the minimum payout. 
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Cloud Crowd

It is one of the best site to make money in your spare time as most of the tasks are related to writing. Commissions are paid the same business day and you can receive your payment by Paypal
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Crowd Flower 

With over 30 million members world wide, crowd flower is one of the biggest crowdsourcing website. There is no direct signup facility on this site, hence if you want to become a member, you are required to signup with one of their contributor channels like clixsense, mturk etc.
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Crowd Tap

Crowd tap has got big brands associated with them and you can work with any of these brands. You can directly login to crowd tap with your facebook account. But it is available for people in U.S., but they will be international soon.
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Job Boy

It's worth to join and make money through this site as are 60000 workers doing worldwide. Although there are less tasks available compare to other websites, but if you are quick enough to pick the jobs then it is the right place for you
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My Lot

Although people from any country can join this site , but if you are a citizen of U.S., you will find more eligible tasks for you. It's really easy to earn on this site as you will that most of the tasks here are simple.
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Captcha Solving

Mega Typers

It is one of the best website which pays you $0.45 to $1.5 for every 1000 word images typed. Most workers earn upto $250 per month by working on this site. They pay by Paypal, Webmoney, Payza, Western Union.
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Pro typers

It is another site where people can earn as high as $200 per month and anyone can join Protypers from all over the world. 
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Captcha 2 Cash

They offer very low payout of $1 per 1000 images solved correctly and you can withdraw your money if your balance is $1. There are a lot of captchas to work on this site.
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This site offers $1 or even more per captcha images typed and have been providing online jobs for more than 5 yrs. and even pay higher amount to their more efficient workers. More accuracy = More money. 
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Fast Typers

This site appreciates its workers and pay them upto $1.5 per 1000 captchas. You can earn higher solving captchas during the night hours i.e. 12am to 5am.
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2 Captcha

From this site you can earn $1 for every 1000  captcha images and also you receive bonus for solving complicated images. You can cash out through Payza if you reach $1.
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Q Link Group

At Q link you can get paid weekly. It's a 2 word captcha service which is case sensitive. But you have to type 800 captchas per week per I.D. to receive payment.
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Virtual Bee

Once you join virtual bee, you have to go through evaluation test and you will receive captcha work as per your score,minimum being 0 and maximum is 100. It is one of the oldest captcha entry sites.
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Captcha Typers

Many of the people all over the world working at captcha typers make around $200+ per month. You need to send an email to to join this site and you will receive your login details for free. You will get maximum rates between 9pm to 9am. You need to type fast without getting timed out, or else your I.D. will be banned for 30 minutes. 
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Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Associates

It is a really great way to earn money as you are already familiar with using amazon. You can promote products from, or amazon and it's really easy as there are a wide variety of products you can promote ( Whatever you like). Also, the threshold for the payment is quite low and payments are made through cheque or gift cards.
You can join amazon associates by clicking the link below

Commission Junction

It is one of the oldest and most trusted affiliate networks in the world. There is a wide variety of advertiser's list on this site. It is really great for new affiliates and also are being paid every month. However, some advertisers do not approve newcomers, but still there are many advertisers to choose from. The threshold for direct deposit is $500 and $100 for Paycheck or may be you can have payment via direct bank transfer, paypal, cheque.
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This is also one of the oldest affiliate network that has some serious benefits to offer to it's affiliates. Commission rate can be upto 60% and they pay weekly or monthly and also their threshold amount is very low i.e. $10 and they pay via Paycheck, Paypal
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Flipkart is one of the best affiliate marketing programs for Indians and also the commission is upto 15%. The commission varies as per various categories i.e. Home and Kitchen (10-15%), Books (10%) etc. The threshold amount is Rs. 1000 and they pay via EFT or gift vouchers.
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 V Commission

This site is also a good affiliate site for Indian marketers and has top brands to promote around 1000+. But, it is somewhat tough for new affiliates as threshold income is very high ($100). They pay via bank transfer and paypal.
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Ebay India

Ebay partner network could give you good commissions but the terms and conditions are strict. The threshold amount is upto Rs. 1000 and payment mode is cheque or electronic transfer as per your choice. 
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You can also become an affiliate of snapdeal and earn while you sell. They also pay via cheque or
Electronic transfer and the threshold is Rs 1000.
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Survey Jobs

Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars pays you money through online surveys that you complete. There are also other ways of earning money by inbox dollars that can be read from it's website. You will also get $5 as sign up bonus when you register and activate your account.
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Telly Pulse

When you join telly pulse you will be given surveys on the email id given by you on various topics. For every survey completed by you, you will receive financial rewards.
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India Speaks

India speaks panelists represent wide range of age, income etc. Although, international members can join this site, but most of the members on India speaks for online surveys are Indians and get surveys from many top Indian companies.
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Brand Institute

This site is mainly for people who belong to Pharma Industry. Each survey pays you $ 1 to $ 10. You either receive payment by Paypal or cheque as per your choice.
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Permission Research

 It is part of an online market research community with over 2 million members worldwide. Many of the top companies do trust Permission Research for getting valuable insights and pay you via cash offers or gifts.
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Survey Savvy

The commission you receive for each paid survey on this site is very high and this site is trusted by many as it is providing surveys since 1999.
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Spider Matrix

Your opinion can make you money by completing online surveys through which these companies come to know what you really think about their products and services. Here your earnings will be shown in spider points which can be redeemed as rewards, cash, coupons etc.
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Global Test Market

It is one of the best and top paid survey sites operating since 1999 and have paid more than USD $ 30 million to their international members in 2014. The earnings will be accumulated as reward points which can be withdrawn as Paypal or as amazon gift voucher.

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Valued Opinions

Valued opinions is a leading online market research panel that offers chance to take part in paid online surveys. Once you have earned Rs. 400 you can redeem for the reward of your choice.
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Panel Station

Panel station is a diverse community of over 1.5 million consumers. As a member, your opinions on consumer goods, technology, healthcare, travel etc. are required. Once you reach 3000 points, you can redeem your points to shop at flipkart or others.
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VIP Voice

As a member of this online research community, you can make a difference when you complete surveys about the products you buy, services you use etc.
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Panel Place

You don't need to worry about getting paid on time as it has more than 440 trusted survey panels in more than 40 countries. Also you can find no. of income proofs from their members on the website and you can withdraw your earnings as cash, rewards etc. 
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Harris Poll Online

As a member, you will earn HL points rewards, which will mount for cool stuff on sites like amazon, itunes etc. It is very old research firm operating from the last 50 years.
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Socratic Forum

The members participate in surveys about the hottest new technologies and soft wares. Survey participation is 100% voluntary and rewards are cash, online gift certificates and other rewards.
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Planet Panel 

Planet panel members are invited to share their thoughts and opinions and also consumer surveys. Nearly 5000 consumers from 21 different countries around the world are already sharing their thoughts and opinions.
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